About Us

We have been best friends since 2000 when we met working at a honey factory in Brooklyn. Monk Oil came about after we went on our annual camping trip in the Pacific Northwest.

As much as we both love living in New York City, we'd both been feeling the strain of urban life and were having reentry problems! We were working full time in Brooklyn and wanted to be present throughout the day not just physically but energetically too. As we all know, nature is life's best healer and we came away from our camping trip feeling not just intact, but also inspired.  We wondered how to create that feeling of calm, inner stability and harmony with the outer world while still in the city.  Monk Oil came out of that need. Monk Oil was imagined with a blend of ingredients to support the body, the soul, and the spirit.

We started wearing our Potion around town and the next thing we knew exhausted New Yorkers and friends were asking “what is that amazing smell?” when we walked into a room. While wearing Monk Oil, we felt we had on a magical sheath as we navigated our days. We started selling it in small homemade batches to our friends and decided to make Monk Oil official. We saw that both men and women in the city really needed some comfort and Monk Oil could help them.

We are both striving to keep the magic alive here in the big city, everyday. We hope you enjoy our Potions!

× Katie and Monika